Causes Of Colour

I (Ollie) am going to be playing a few tunes in the upstairs room at this tomorrow (30th April.)  So come down if you can – Tim Goldsworthy will be worth the £5 alone, but with some of the Horse Meat Disco crew coming along and newcomer Cottam also on the bill there’ll be plenty to keep you entertained.  … Continue reading

Rare meat

This Eric Rohmer 1960 short is mainly of interest due to it featuring an early acting performance from a young specs-less Jean-Luc Godard. I’m a fan because it’s got a good steak cooking sequence.

Hometown Unicorn

How many people have a band from their home town of which they can actually feel proud? Not London or wherever but their actual hometown. While most of the music I used to listen to when I lived in Carmarthen was evocative of urban environments, I would occasionally turn to certain records with a distinct rural … Continue reading

Optimo R.I.P.

Optimo as we know it is closing this weekend. Having only been a couple of times I’m reluctant to add to the mountain of tributes and remembrances currently taking over the Internet. There’s a democratically compiled list of favourite Optimo songs and posts about favourite Optimo moments. I thought, instead of writing something similar, that … Continue reading

Oni Ayhun

When people describe Techno as ‘uncompromising’, they’re usually describing a particular Teutonic sound that threatens to beat you up and/or bum you. Rumoured to be the work of a certain notorious Swedish weirdo, Oni Ayhun’s four self-released 12inches remind us that, while Nodge, Dettmann and Klock might clear a provincial nightclub, any track that you … Continue reading

Hiding In Shadows

This is a tune that means a hell of a lot to us.  I’ve come back to it in the last couple of weeks, especially this version, the original.  There’s also a version by Lee Hazlewood which is awesome, as well as many others.  But for me the James Carr original is where you go … Continue reading

Beautiful Places

The press release for What A Beautiful Place by Catherine Howe describes it as ‘a real rainy-day affair’, and while there is a sheen of British drizzle about the 13 tracks they also possess a certain glittering haziness which make them just as suited to a do-nothing summer afternoon.  Available for just a month in … Continue reading

Dub Techno in the Sun

One mostly thinks of Techno’s brooding pulses as being more appropriate to winter, whether it be music for the club or the home. This Basic Channel track makes a nice exception. It’s damaged rather than blissful and still sounds as clinical and alien as most Techno, making it more Mojave Desert than Café del Mar. … Continue reading

Solo McCartney?

After taking the piss out of ‘Band on the Run’ Flaccidtrax suggested I listen to Paul and Linda’s 1971 album ‘Ram’. On  a first listen it doesn’t really come across as anything more than a slightly irritating, half-cocked collection of Ivor Cutler rub-offs and cheap Lennon digs.  When it originally came out it was apparently … Continue reading

Pavement Fever

It’s just under a month until international pavement week, this coming Saturday will see record store’s offering exclusive 7inchs of ‘Grounded/Cut your Hair’ and Matador are continuing their offer of a low price bundle with all the pavement albums and the ‘Watery Domestic’ EP. Get in while the sun’s still shining. Recently I’ve been listening … Continue reading

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