Solo McCartney?

After taking the piss out of ‘Band on the Run’ Flaccidtrax suggested I listen to Paul and Linda’s 1971 album ‘Ram’. On  a first listen it doesn’t really come across as anything more than a slightly irritating, half-cocked collection of Ivor Cutler rub-offs and cheap Lennon digs.  When it originally came out it was apparently dismissed for being a bit throwaway, a bit jokey and under-produced. Intimate without being sincere.  Essentially, it was lo-fi before the fact. It’s now become one of those albums that I find myself listening to two or three times a day. Full of nice little earworms and short songs, I’ve gotten used to the joke voices and forced about-turns and keep just flipping it over and starting again. For anyone who never really had room to have a ‘Beatles moment’ it’s also cool to have a collection of songs that haven’t been part of the furniture since the day you grew ears.

At the same time I’ve been investigating McCartney’s 1980 album ‘McCartney II’. It’s the one with the synths that everybody hates. I think I might hate it too. It’s most famous for ‘Temporary Secretary’. It’s kind of a cool song despite being really self-consciously weird. It’s also electronic and about 129bpm, so it could be played out. In fact, there have been a few horrendous remixes of it by Radioslave and others which are worth listening to if you’re in a rush to throw up or something.


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