Hiding In Shadows

This is a tune that means a hell of a lot to us.  I’ve come back to it in the last couple of weeks, especially this version, the original.  There’s also a version by Lee Hazlewood which is awesome, as well as many others.  But for me the James Carr original is where you go if you want that shiver factor.

Born in Mississippi in 1942, but raised in Memphis, Carr began his career in gospel, singing with the Jubilee Hummingbirds, the Harmony Echoes and the Redemption Harmonizers. In 1964 he came to the offices of Goldwax Records with the Redemptions’ manager Roosevelt Jamison. The recordings that Carr made for Goldwax (more than a dozen singles and two LPs) between 1964 and 1968 were some of the finest to come out of Memphis in the 60’s. And Stax records was based in Memphis for Christ’s sake.

Carr’s version of The Dark End Of The Street is one of the cornerstones of Southern soul. His voice conveys the regret, the guilt, the sheer fucking agony of flyering on Charing Cross Rd on a Saturday night. But it also captures the good times, our raison d’etre on those long, dark nights. So thanks James Carr.

And thanks Chandra, thanks Glyn, thanks Matty.

At the dark end
Of the street
That’s where
We always meet
Hiding in shadows
Where we don’t belong
Living in darkness
To hide our wrong

You and me
At the dark end
Of the street
You and me

I know time is
Gonna take it’s toll
We have to pat for
The love that we stole

It’s a sin and
We know it’s wrong
Oh, but our love
Keeps coming on strong

Steal away to the
Dark end of the street

They’re gonna to find us
They’re gonna to find us
They’re gonna to find us
Lord, someday

You and me at the
Dark end of the street
You and me

And when the
Daylight hours
Roll round
And by chance
We’re both downtown

If we should meet
Just walk on by
Oh, darling
Please don’t cry

We’ll meet
At the dark end
Of the street


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