Oni Ayhun

When people describe Techno as ‘uncompromising’, they’re usually describing a particular Teutonic sound that threatens to beat you up and/or bum you. Rumoured to be the work of a certain notorious Swedish weirdo, Oni Ayhun’s four self-released 12inches remind us that, while Nodge, Dettmann and Klock might clear a provincial nightclub, any track that you can actually dance to must be making some concessions.

OAR001-A calls to mind Villalobos’s Thé au Harem d’Archimède recreating the busy hum of a Southern-European fish market. With no sense of urgency, dissonant jazz parps, clicks and hisses drop in and out of the mix inconsequentially over the track’s 15 minutes. Some hang around; some don’t. It’s good though. Fans of the really weird should check out the sub-90 bpm clanger OAR002 that stretches across two sides. Future classic mate.

Otherwise…OAR003-B sounds a bit more normal and a bit more like Oni’s day job.


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