Optimo R.I.P.

Optimo as we know it is closing this weekend. Having only been a couple of times I’m reluctant to add to the mountain of tributes and remembrances currently taking over the Internet. There’s a democratically compiled list of favourite Optimo songs and posts about favourite Optimo moments. I thought, instead of writing something similar, that I’d take a moment to say a word for Glasgow as a city to go out in general. The great parties I knew as happening before, and coming after, Optimo itself, and which suggest to me that something will replace it, whether that’s Wilke’s and Twitch’s new venture or something else.

This has got to be one of the tautest, most wound up songs ever made. I bought the domino reissue of Crazy Rhythms on the Saturday of my last trip to Glasgow but didn’t get round to listening to it until pre-drinks before Optimo. I think we stuck it on after listening to Space Bass or something similar. Essentially, it’s the sound of pacing up and down a Glasgow apartment for three hours trying to convince Orcadians to go out. As it turns out, I needn’t have bothered; convincing Orcadians to go out is like convincing Mexicans that it’s nap-time.

Some lovely people who we met in the last twenty minutes of the club (and who, luckily, weren’t rapey at all) invited us back to theirs for a party. Somehow people in Glasgow get to pay a third of our rent and get to live in Nouveau-ed out, Charles Rennie Mackintosh designed, apartments. That, cava and gin delivered in a 1920s picnic hamper, and a few Hall and Oates records makes a pretty cool after party. At this point, worried about having to get a train back to London a few hours later, I wasn’t so much jazzing out as taking a solo. Obviously concerned, our host kept asking ‘Whats wrong? Can you not handle the Hall and Oates’

EDIT: The entirety of the final ‘Optimogeddon’ Optimo is available to download on the Ripped in Glasgow blog. It’s over seven hours long in total. For the fainthearted I’d recommend maybe just listening to the first and last hours.

In other news, thanks to everyone who made it down to Secret Danger III last night. A highlight for me was Ollie playing TBD’s ‘What is this?’ and watching the crowd react to the white noise breakdown .For those who missed it, we tried to record a bit of our sets so expect to see some mixes up soon.


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