Causes Of Colour

I (Ollie) am going to be playing a few tunes in the upstairs room at this tomorrow (30th April.)  So come down if you can – Tim Goldsworthy will be worth the £5 alone, but with some of the Horse Meat Disco crew coming along and newcomer Cottam also on the bill there’ll be plenty to keep you entertained.  It’s also free before 9PM so if you pop down after work and get your stamp then you can always nip home and come back later and still get in for free.

Besides just giving this a plug I wanted to take the opportunity to expand a bit on some of the guests playing as they all shed some light on different things that we’re into at Secret Danger.

It’s fair to say that Tim Goldsworthy has had a pretty significant influence in our musical upbringing.  As one of the founders of DFA Records and a prolific producer (on his own and as half of The DFA with James Murphy) Tim had a hand in a fair few of those records that John and I carted up to London from Wales and Suffolk (respectively) back in 2006, records we subsequently realised we both enjoyed blaring out to new friends and trying-to-sleep flatmates at lecture defying after paries after Monday night club nightsThe Rapture?  Yeah sure he did that.  Losing My Edge?  Yeah sure he manned the mixing desk on that too.  Sure you’re aware he may have done a shit load of amazing remixes as well (see below).  In more recent years he’s produced the Hercules & Love Affair album and since relocating to Bristol (not in a blaze of Eastenders-style anger and resentment as some have claimed) he’s also done the the new Massive Attack LP.

Horse Meat Disco are largely responsible for the Disco renaissance in London over the past few years, but that’s not actually a mark against them, it’s just a sign of how fucking great their party is.  I haven’t made it anywhere near as often as I should have, but a memorable night a couple of years back at their (5th?) birthday party was probably one of the formative nights out for John and I in terms of knowledgable, no bullshit, yet FUN nights in London.  Residents + James Murphy.  Tune, after tune, after tune.  I’ve still got a recording of it somewhere in which you can basically hear every single person in the room doing a solo.

So I’ll be in the smallest room upstairs if you do come down tomorrow, but obviously Tim Goldsworthy’s gonna be on downstairs so you only have to pop up for 5 minutes to say hello.  Then again I have acquired some pretty sweet vintage NY Garage recently.


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