Thank you to everyone that made it last night. It was pretty fun i thought. The next one will be on the 26th of June and Ollie will be doing the main bit. Incidentally, does anyone have any photos from the night? Advertisements


This weeks hot picks include…Innervision’s Âme and Dixon at the Camp which goes on until 7am. Say hello to Ollie if you go. The all new THISISNOTANEXIT night at the drop in stoke newington. Completely different to the glitzier Innervisions thing, It still promises to be good. They’re a cool weird little label responsible for … Continue reading

New Discoveries

1. Self Esteem Don’t laugh. While all my friends were balls deep in the questionable joys of late nineties/early noughties skate punk I was listening to four Radiohead albums a night and waiting for The Strokes to happen. Evidently, however I must have managed to absorb enough of it to allow a real madeleine moment … Continue reading

Sinus music

As everyone’s eyes, noses, mouths and ears started to shut down from the evil hay fever this weekend, I started thinking about tracks that play around with the idea of sensory deprivation. Tracks that play around with the idea of absence or that sound like they were recorded two rooms away from the action itself. … Continue reading

It’s Friday…

Why wouldn’t you go out? Tonight we shall be at this. Looks pretty good. Kyle Hall has been making waves recently due to being a talented bastard and only thirteen years old! Imagine that. Recently he’s turned heads by renaming himself Kyle MF Hall, as in Kyle Motherfucking Hall. Or, Kai Muthafuckin’ Haw, if we’re … Continue reading

The Ascension: Interview with Don Mclean of Fortissimo records and Action Beat

For how much it gets bandied about as a reference point No-Wave is actually pretty hard to get into. Bleeding out of 80’s New York’s post-punk and into its nascent dance scene, the genre, in its physical form, mainly exists in the formats common to those genres: hard to find 7inches and 12inches. With no … Continue reading

New Mix: Homelistening mixtapey thing

Unable to go out anywhere at the moment, it would have felt a bit ridiculous putting together a peak time mix for the blog. Instead I cobbled together a few tracks to create an anti-clubbing soundtrack. Night music then, but not Club music. Click the down arrow to download and then go off and listen … Continue reading

Secret Danger IV

———————– SECRET DANGER IV ———————– Secret Danger returns on Saturday May 29th for its third installment. Sharing Djing duties, Ollie Seaman and John Bloomfield spend the evening fleshing out a backbone of House, Disco and Techno with whatever oddities, unclassics, classics, secret danger re-imaginings, and flavours of the month that they feel like. Turn up … Continue reading

New Mix: A Journey From Dolly Parton to Dr. King

I recorded a short mix last night.  You can download it below.  The idea behind it is to give an idea of what you will hear from around midnight onwards at the Secret Danger nights.  With that in mind there’s a mix of old and new on there, and I think it’s pretty representative of … Continue reading

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