New Mix: A Journey From Dolly Parton to Dr. King

I recorded a short mix last night.  You can download it below.  The idea behind it is to give an idea of what you will hear from around midnight onwards at the Secret Danger nights.  With that in mind there’s a mix of old and new on there, and I think it’s pretty representative of what I like to play out at that time in the evening.  One important lesson being:  Do not be afraid of the vocal.

The mix was recorded on vinyl (bar the first 60 seconds or so – I wish I did own that clip on vinyl) which was recorded onto Garageband then compressed onto mp3.  For this reason it’s pretty quiet, so apologies for that.  Currently looking into a better (but affordable) way of recording vinyl mixes – in fact advice in that department would be welcome.

I just went for the first take as well, as I wasn’t too interested in doing a meticulously planned mix.  So it’s all fairly spontaneous but I quite like the way it’s turned out.  Hope you enjoy it.  We’ll be posting up a few more of these mini-mixes in the run up to the next night, which is on Saturday May 29th.

I’m going to start working on a proper, longer, mix soon too.  Feel free to send any feedback  or track ID requests for this one to

Ollie’s 12PM Secret Danger Mix (1) by secretdangersociety


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