Sinus music

As everyone’s eyes, noses, mouths and ears started to shut down from the evil hay fever this weekend, I started thinking about tracks that play around with the idea of sensory deprivation. Tracks that play around with the idea of absence or that sound like they were recorded two rooms away from the action itself.

Here’s something from 2008 that I completely slept on. Hotflush’s Scuba puts on his SCB Techno hat to remix himself.

Understated throughout, a brutal machine gun riff occasionally rears its head from beneath the reverb, threatening to turn the track into an out and out monster. However, the kick is too muddied, the pace too slow and the cymbals and clicks too…well jazzy (?) to pull the track through to the main room. Not that that’s a bad thing. There’s something appealing about the idea of SCB taking a track that seemed too battle ready, too obvious and dunking it underwater. One for the early hours then.

This song from the mighty Guided by Voices’s 1995 masterpiece Alien Lanes riffs on the same idea in a much less serious way. Renowned for their ramshackle recordings, the band take the piss out those that might affect a studied Lo-Fi aesthetic, with a vocal sounds like it was recorded into a bath. If that’s possible.

While we’re on the subjects of absence and deprivation, let’s not forget the master.


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