New Discoveries

1. Self Esteem

Don’t laugh. While all my friends were balls deep in the questionable joys of late nineties/early noughties skate punk I was listening to four Radiohead albums a night and waiting for The Strokes to happen. Evidently, however I must have managed to absorb enough of it to allow a real madeleine moment on Saturday night when Josh Human Hair traced Lady GaGa’s ‘ra ra rarara’ back to this forgotten gem.

2. Lions and Shadows

Less Brideshead than one might expect. Isherwood’s narrator eschews the ‘poshoracy’ of 20s Cambridge to craft the intriguing fantasy world of ‘Mortmère’ with the proto-little mate Edward Upward.

3. Officialgrinz

A Mackryn tip. A riveting world of ‘cod circles’ and ‘Man my eyez hurt’. Like a modern day Lettres Portugaises, it’s rumoured to be the work of Richard Curtis. It’ll be annoying if it is.


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