James Ferraro is a dick (Etienne Jaumet Vs. Skaters)

This Tuesday London is spoilt for choice gigs-wise as Ducktails, Etienne Jaumet and Skater’s James Ferraro and Spencer Clark all play the capital. While I’m djing the Etienne Jaumet gig it seems that most people I know are going to see Skaters. They are wrong. Spencer Clark is a cool dude but James Ferraro is not. Here’s why.

Behind that cheeky faced exterior lies a:-

Massive Bastard: James Ferraro is a massive bastard. Even his friends (all of whom he pays) call him ‘James the Massive Bastard’.

Derivative songsmith: Famously all of James Ferraro’s work has been cribbed from dead/dying/old/ol’ bluesmen

Racist: James famously said in ‘What Pedal Magazine’ that ‘the only thing negroes can do for me is to shine my shoes and buy my limited edition hand decorated CD-Rs’.

Meanwhile our boy Etienne is brave, really polite and knows Carl Craig. I know who’s got my vote.

Find details of the Etienne Jaumet gig here.

If you want to see James then you can find it yourself.

2 Responses to “James Ferraro is a dick (Etienne Jaumet Vs. Skaters)”
  1. chanelb says:

    i think it was in reference to an elvis quote

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