New old German stuff: Michael Bundt/Dettmann & Klock

I’m sure that I’d be more critical of today’s reissue culture if I was actually doing the making-and-selling-of-the-music but as nothing more than an enthusiast and occasional DJ it’s difficult to see a glut of quality reissues as anything but a win-win situation. Two very recent reissues, that are, as a certain record shop would no doubt say, ‘hot on the rebound’ are Michael Bundt’s 1977 ‘Just Landed Cosmic Kid’ and Marcel Dettmann and Ben Klock’s 2007 ‘Scenario’ doublepack.

A notorious man about town ‘back in the day’, Bundt’s music does share some characteristics with other experimental German bands of the era but also, at times, sounds extremely modern. Pilooski recently made a much-coveted edit of‘The Brain of Oskar Panizza’, while album highlight ‘La Chasse aux microbes’ sounds not unlike our beloved Delia and Gavin’s 2005 masterpiece ‘Days of Mars’. There’s clearly some dark voodoo magic at work here. The day before I noticed it had been reissued I spent a good half hour attempting to track a copy of the record down, even considering buying it from Hungary.

La Chasse Aux Microbes by Michael Bundt [1977] by lyndonbarry

Weirdly, a similar thing happened with Blank Scenario as it too was reissued a few days after I’d trawled the internet looking for it. It’s more or less the 12inch that introduced the brawny Ostgut Ton/Berghain sound to a world that was tiring of mnml.  Personal favourites are ‘Scenario’ and ‘Blank Scenario’ that feature an astonishing effervescent percussion. It sounds like they’ve sampled someone burning magnesium.

Check out some clips here


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