Yes Way

Some of you may be interested in this. ‘2nd nicest man in rock™’, Henry from Lovvers, is going to be playing with his band Lovvers. Other good bands will also be playing and attracting the approving ears of OMnotOM, Flaccidtrax and Mr. Joel Wright. Advertisements

Story of a song

I recently picked up Blake Baxter’s 1992 12inch Brothers’ gonna work it out from revival records.  The Black Planet mixed is a big squelchy number and seemed appropriately silly so I played it at the last Secret Danger without really looking it up or anything. Detroit records don’t usually come leaden down by much of … Continue reading

The End Of The World Is Bigger Than Love

Jens Lekman is back, and still has the power to make you crave a bookish girl to play his records to. Bookish girls with an interest in Swedish pop music apply within. Grab his new tune here.  It’s totally free too.  Cheers Jens! We’re off to see him at Union Chapel soon, which will be grand. … Continue reading


Honey Soundsystem live at Disco Bloodbath.

Don’t Let It Go To Your Head

In tribute to moping around in your room on a Sunday afternoon, I give you this. You can find this on this wonderful compilation.


Thanks to everyone that came down last night. The last song was Double Exposure’s ‘My Love is Free’.

Dalston Dreams

Cheers to all who came out last night.  The next Secret Danger is on Saturday August 28th – so bank holiday weekend! Here’s our new chart – Ollie played a fair few of these last night.

Awesome Welles

Three reasons why the man who Rita Hayworth left because she ‘couldn’t take his genius anymore’ is a good thing. 1. All the usual reasons that people cite. Under here we can file Citizen Kane, The Magnificent Ambersons, The Third Man, The War of the Worlds, Shakespeare, Jack White, Kafka and contraception. 2. F is … Continue reading

couple o’ songs

None of these songs have anything relating them to one another. Quite simply they’re just what I’ve been enjoying recently. I didn’t really want to put them in a chart because they’re not really dance floor material. Well, not all of them. 1.Big Boi Ft. Janelle-Be still There’s weirder stuff on the new Big Boi … Continue reading

In The Shadow Of The Moon

DJ Harvey is playing Robert Johnson tonight. Then Panorama Bar this weekend. Now, I would almost certainly go to see him if I was in Frankfurt or Berlin this week – he’s saving the UK for next year unfortunately – but I’m consoled by the fact that despite the cult following that surrounds him in … Continue reading

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