Brighton Finds: Altered Images

Anyone who saw the flyer for Secret Danger IV will know of our love for hook-laden Scottish new wave. While nothing in the Orange Juice back-catalogue is really that apt for a ‘Disco/House/Techno/_’ set, the extended intro for Altered Images’s ‘I Could be happy’ allows the modern, urbane and sophisticated DJ to pretty much do whatever he or she likes with it.

A greater mystery perhaps, than the question of why this absolute rager of a song isn’t being charted by DJs the world over, is posed by the changing appearance of the band’s frontwoman Clare Grogan.

In the 1981 film ‘Gregory’s Girl’ she swoops in in the closing minutes to displace the muscled, chip-toothed, football playing object of Gregory’s affections and to become the eponymous ‘girl’. The mystery is that, while in ‘Gregory’s Girl’ she’s easily the hottest woman in 80’s Scotland, during her Altered Images career she looks like a blue peter presenter gone wrong.

As, over the weekend, I managed to pick up a 12inch of this classic for a quid we will all be able to ponder this mystery at the next Secret Danger, over six minutes of echo, reverb, piercing Hammondian (Jr.) guitar lines and pure pop gold.


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