Journey through the 1980s: A chart (84-85)

When I was little I used to wonder why my parents loved watching the news so much. “Mum and Dad”, I would ask, “Why do you love watching the news so much?”.
“Shhh, we’re watching the news”, they would reply.
Full of grey men and women doing morally grey things, Nineties news perfectly proved Dylan Moran’s observation that ‘nothing makes you that bored and that angry at once’. Only now have I come to understand why: raised on bat shit crazy Eighties news, one probably would have hung on hopefully for another decade. Apparently the Eighties gave us more than House, the Smiths and loads of things that people fake nostalgia for.
Here are my favourite news worthy events from the decade.

1. New Coke

In 1985 the Coca Cola Company briefly changed the flavour of Coke annoying everyone.

2. The three hundred and thirty five years war

In 1986 Peace was finally declared between the Netherlands and the Isles of Scilly after an administrative oversight meant the two had been in a state of war since the seventeenth century.

3. The Mystery of Al Capone’s Vault

A two hour live special was broadcast in 1985 when a vault belonging to Al Capone was discovered. The Vault was opened live to reveal nothing but a few empty bottles and bits of debris rather than the gold bullion and bodies that were expected. Desperately, host Geraldo Rivera was said to have claimed that the bottles may have ‘contained moonshine’.

4. Hands across america

This one explains itself really.


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