couple o’ songs

None of these songs have anything relating them to one another. Quite simply they’re just what I’ve been enjoying recently. I didn’t really want to put them in a chart because they’re not really dance floor material. Well, not all of them.

1.Big Boi Ft. Janelle-Be still

There’s weirder stuff on the new Big Boi LP and arguably better tracks, but at the moment this is the one that’s grabbing me. Janelle’s swoonsome hook is huge in the best possible sense. A wistful little RnB earworm that avoids the bombastic octave jumping that everyone else seems to be falling back on.

EDIT Having just taken the record inside for the first time to listen on real speakers I’m now leaning back towards the Mr. DJ produced ‘Daddy Fat Sax’ and ‘Shutterbug’. The latter has some truly amazing 80s synth-funk action.

2. Caribou-Sun

I’ll admit that I’ve only recently given the new Caribou a go. This seems to be the standout track so far. In the hands of lesser men the trancey synth lines would result in a big proggy cheese fest, but Dan Snaith uses the least conspicuous drums in the bag to anchor them down. The result? A sweet little kraut shuffle that I almost certainly won’t be able to play this Saturday.

3. Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir- Electron Rider

What I will probably try and play is this 1996 bomb from Shake. The high tempo and weird lurching beat calls to mind some of the Flaccidtrax pleasing post-dubstep doing the rounds. That’s odd. I thought all the funky kids were meant to be taking their stateside inspiration from NY’s Strictly Rhythm, not forgotten Detroit treasure. It’s recently been reissued by the Rush Hour guys so I’m not being obscurist, just confused.


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