Story of a song

I recently picked up Blake Baxter’s 1992 12inch Brothers’ gonna work it out from revival records.  The Black Planet mixed is a big squelchy number and seemed appropriately silly so I played it at the last Secret Danger without really looking it up or anything. Detroit records don’t usually come leaden down by much of a paratext after all.

Or so I thought. You may already know about the Chemical Brothers sampling the track for ‘Leave Home’. I didn’t before researching this post and wish I still didn’t. Let’s just ignore that. The real geek’s catnip here is the fact that the records 3 ‘planets’ mixes were contributed by Thomas Fehlman and Moritz Van Oswald. Yeah, those guys. Strange to think that they’d have ever crafted anything so unsubtle.

Also of interest is Wille Hutch’s 1973 classic of the same name.

The song is so empowering that someone was actually excited enough to leave “i LOVE BEING BLACK. IT’S TRULY A BLESSING FROM GOD” as a comment. Not my words, the words of strawberrie516.


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