Greyhound Lines

From what I remember Sal P the first used to spend an inordinate amount of time neckin’ on them while The Moldy Peaches titled their paen to movement ‘I ride a greyhound bus’. Sleek lined in their 50s heyday and offering one of the cheapest ways possible of crossing a continent, it’s small wonder that a greyhound bus might appeal to a provincial British reader/listener used to a bus service with a 20 mile range.

No stranger to the road, and romanticising the road, himself in songs like ‘Forget Marie’-
I’m standing on the corner with a raggedi-old suitcase by my side/
Waiting for the Greyhound bus to come along so I can hook a ride – Lee Hazlewood warns of the danger of too much ‘coffee and eggs’ in Greyhound bus Depot when he sings

The Loneliest place in the world I know

Is four-o-clock in the morning

In a Greyhound bus depot.

Robert Rossen’s 1961 film The Hustler fleshes out these words when Paul Newman’s ‘Fast’ Eddie Felson stashes his belongings at a depot and meets limpy alcoholic bore Sarah Packard drinking coffee in the cafeteria.

And yet an altogether more damning demystification of the Greyhound lines is offered by a cursory glance at wikipedia: the company is now owned by the First Group, the same company that run oyster-card-less local market crawlers throughout the UK’s shit bits.


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