Top 54 New York Tracks (5-1)

Nearly there. Thanks to Graham, Jimmy, June, Dermot and Stuart Maconie for their help. Guys, we couldn’t have put things we like/remember in a numerical order without you. Everyone else, read the previous five here. 5. Peter Gordon and the Love of Life Orchestra – Beginning of the Heartbreak Love of Life Orchestra alumni includes … Continue reading

Top 54 New York Tracks (10-6)

Nearly there. Read the previous five here. 10. Pulsallama – Ungawa Pt. 2 No convenient youtube for this but ex-member Stacey kindly hosts a few mp3s on her site. Pulsallama were a 7 piece all-girl ensemble playing bass, drums and whatever else came to hand. They released tragically few records and inspired Bananarama to take … Continue reading

ZG: Editorial

In the final of our ZG scans, here is Rosetta Brooks’ editorial.

Top 54 New York Tracks (15-11)

View the previous ten here. 15. Steve Reich – Music for 18 musicians As our Glenn Branca interview attests Reich has an enormous influence outside of the classical world. Live, the piece has a key visual element: as the piece progresses and different textures come in and out of play the musicians movements are carefully … Continue reading

Glenn Branca Interview

Yesterday we posted a 1981 interview with Branca taken from the art journal ZG. In this follow up piece we use the original ZG article as a starting point to discuss his unique sound, New York and dance music. If you’ve ever heard the man’s work you might not be surprised that he writes uniquely in capitals. … Continue reading

ZG: Glenn Branca Interview

Our latest scan from the journal ZG is an 1981 interview with Glenn Branca conducted around the time of the seminal Lesson No. 1 and The Ascension releases. The Ascension particularly is a huge favourite with us. You may have noticed that we cribbed our flyer images from the same Robert Longo series that Branca … Continue reading

Top 54 New York Tracks (24-16)

Find the previous ten here 24. Liquid Liquid – Optimo Never has a weekend of unrelenting cricket coverage sounded so cool. 23. Lee Douglas – New York Story What’s that weird Giuliani rule about not dancing? How uptight. Still, this nu-disco belter by crate digging wizard Lee Douglas is so euphoric that I suppose you … Continue reading

ZG: Rhys Chatam Interview

Click to open in a window then click to zoom Page 1 Page 2

Top 54 New York Tracks 34-25

Check out the previous 10 here 34. Phreek – Weekend Produced by the self-styled ‘heavy weight champion producer of the world’, Patrick Adams.  Adams worked with people like Loreatta Holloway, Sister Sledge and Bumblebee Unlimited.  He also later worked with Coolio, but we’ll ignore that.  Raucous and totally ridiculous. 33. William Basinski – Disintegration Loops … Continue reading

Newish New Yorkey bands (With Joel Wright)

Unlike us, housewives’ favourite Joel Wright has actually been to New York (editor/Ollie:  I actually have been John, do your research) , on his own and not with his parents. In this post the Vice contributor and keeper of his own taste-setting website picks some of his favourite New York bands from recent weeks. Download … Continue reading

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