Secret Danger Presents…A Tribute to New York

So we’ve had seven Secret Danger nights so far with six at the wonderful Moustache bar and I think it’s probably fair to say that those of you who’ve been more than once will have a pretty good idea of what we’re about. This month however, we’d like to propose something a little bit different, reframing the focus of the night for one night only.

On Saturday the 25th of September we would like you to join us for a respectful tribute to the city of New York.

Nine years ago, as the twin towers attack brought the city to the centre of the global political stage, a thriving music scene also drew the attention of the world’s music press, quickly establishing New York as the cultural centre of the early 00s in a way that demonstrated the city’s remarkable resilience.
More personally, this was the time when we, and indeed most people we know of our age, began to get drawn deeper and deeper into music. From tugging at the threads that linked the bands we loved and discovering the bands that they loved and cited as influences, New York always seemed to crop up as a focal point from the 50s onwards. Later on, as we began to investigate the kinds of sounds you might more typically hear at a Secret Danger night, uncovering a subculture away from the guitar bands we grew up on, the city again seemed crucial. We found a kind of spine that ran through early dance music from legendary clubs like the Paradise Garage, the Mudd Club and the Saint through to modern labels such as DFA.

What we’re proposing then is a celebration in response to tragedy. A tribute to a city with a musical heritage so rich that we can actually play only records from New York for six straight hours. Indeed, the challenge will be to fit all the favourites in.
Ollie will start the night playing excerpts from William Basinski’s disintegration loops. From then on expect to hear Rap, No Wave, New Wave, Disco, Post-Punk, Garage, House, Techno, Art Rock, Punk, Drone and, no doubt, favoured cuts from the greatest barbeque record made by a man.

Between now and the night we’ll be posting New York related material on the blog including lost interviews with No Wave alumni Glen Branca, James Chance and Rhys Chatam taken from 80s art journal ZG and our own choice of top big apple jamz.


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