Top 54 New York Tracks 54-45

Everybody loves lists… even hastily compiled lists. I’ve tried to limit it to one song per artist, and, as much as I can, one song per record label. Apart from that the criteria is pretty loose. Tracks can be by artists of New York provenance, about New York or somehow associated strongly with the city. For the top 5 I’ve tried to choose tracks that hit all three buttons. The list is entirely subjective and is meant to represent the Secret Danger take on the city’s musical output. There are also ommisions. Even now I’ve realised that i’ve forgotten about Laurie Anderson’s ‘O Superman’ and anything from the last 4 years. ‘O shit’.

Anyway, here’s the first batch of Secret Danger NYC favourites.

54. Allen Ginsberg-Howl

That’s right, It’s not a song at all. Also, I can’t decide whether it’s cheesy to like it or not. For those reasons I’ve buried it at number 50. However, even if you’re no longer a fifteen year old boy on a french exchange somewhere it’s worth acknowledging the influence of Ginsberg and the gang on later artists.

53. DTR- How Many Times (Unity)

This is probably going to be the only Nu Groove release on the list. It’s got some nice pianos on it.

52. Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Our Time

I thought it might be about ‘you-know-what’ but apparently it came out a few months before.

51. Metro Area – Miura

Superb clinical deep house. If they weren’t from Jersey they’d be higher up.

50. Lizzy Mercier Descloux- Fire

One of the better releases on ZE from the album ‘Press Color’. On the cover she looks like Rimbaud, which is ALWAYS cool.

49. Joey Beltram – Energy Flash

Even though it was released on Transmat and R&S this one still counts as Beltram’s a Queens boy.

48. MFSB- Love is the message

Very sickly and completely ridiculous. Definitely an acquired taste.

47. Interpol- NYC


46. Richard Hell- Blank Generation

I love the story about how Richard Hell was asked to leave jazz-bores Television because he couldn’t play Marquee Moon.

45. Rosa Yemen- Rosa Vertov

No Wave needn’t be about people playing frying pans and kicking people in the head. Like most things simple=good. When it’s good it sounds like this: uncomfortable and thrilling at the same time.

Look out for the next ten or so tracks in the run up to our New York Special. Also, comment below.

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