Top 54 New York Tracks 44-35

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44. Kerry Chandler – Track 1

Off the Atmosphere EP.  This is what people who categorise dance music probably call ‘The Jersey Sound’.  We just call it good.

43. Levon Vincent- Love Technique

Bummed by all and sundry, young Levon here makes records out of samples of men hitting steel pipes with bones.

42. Logg – I know you will

Leroy Burgess recorded under a shed-load of names and Logg was one of them. Produced by Larry Levan, the self-titled LP consists of a bunch of post-disco classics which fed directly into house. This is the pick of the bunch and when you play it out men with beards will sing along to it like its fucking Queen or something.

41. DJ Sprinkles- Grand Central, Pt II (72 hours by rail from Missouri)
People always forget that house music was born out of (and I quote) “sexual and gender crises, transgendered sex work, black market hormones, drug and alcohol addiction, loneliness, racism, HIV, ACT-UP, Thompkins Sq. Park, police brutality, queer-bashing, underpayment, unemployment and censorship”.  With this track (and the entire album from which it is taken) Terre Thaemlitz sets about reminding us of that.  It’s also a fascinating meditation on one weirdo’s relationship with a city.  All at 120 beats per minute.

40. ESG-Dance to the Beat of Moody

A pretty cool tape splice joins two ESG tracks making it my current fave.

39. The Rapture- Olio

Pre-Echoes I used to have an limewired mp3 of the post-punk version of this track which i burnt onto a cdr and then stuck on a minidisc. Back then the rapture were meant to be ‘dancey’, in the sense that you could dance to them, but not actual ‘dance’. I remember hearing the DFA acid makeover of this song at a house party the day the album came out. Later that evening a friend walked 17 miles home in the dark. Both events blew my tiny young mind.

38. Dinosaur- Kiss me again

There’s a reason this was one of the last songs ever played at Optimo.

37. Contortions- Contort Yourself

Like ‘Kiss me again’ there are a few versions of this. Our favourite is the one from ‘Off white’. Check out an early 80s interview with bandleader James Chance/White here.

36. Nico- Chelsea Girls

Read the youtube comments. I had no idea the flute was so controversial. It’s a good flute.

35. Strikers- Body Music

Top Larry Levan endorsed jam on Prelude that has been played at every Secret Danger to date.

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