Top 54 New York Tracks (24-16)

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24. Liquid Liquid – Optimo

Never has a weekend of unrelenting cricket coverage sounded so cool.

23. Lee Douglas – New York Story

What’s that weird Giuliani rule about not dancing? How uptight. Still, this nu-disco belter by crate digging wizard Lee Douglas is so euphoric that I suppose you could just lie on the floor for the duration.

23. Patti Smith – Piss Factory

Patti Smith is sort of cheesy now, which is why I picked a more obscure one. This is the B-side to her Hey Joe single written when she was stalking Warhol and weirding him out with her serious B.O. : “”All I could think of was her B.O. She wouldn’t be bad looking if she would wash up and glue herself together a little better”.

22. Inner Life – Caught up (in a one night love affair)

The comments people leave on these things are so demented: “Classic…great memories right here, NYC discos were jumping with “Caught Up…I miss those days, when everyone got together and partied no matter what color or race..we all got along and had lots of

fun! Thru us this music is still alive.. Keep Sharing i & Keep Singing it! No days like those days…I am so proud to have been part of all this phenomenal music..and wouldn’t change it for the world.. Wish we can go back in time….Computer chair boogie going on here!”

21. Laurie Anderson – O Superman (For Massenet)

We should probably have put this in our top 5 just for getting to number 2 in the UK charts. Unspeakably bizarre.

20. LCD Soundsystem – Losing my edge

New York I love you, but you’re bring me down is probably the obvious LCD NY choice but a man’s relationship to the city is about more than loving it despite its imperfections. More honestly, its about competition, bitching and factionalism. In your twenties anyway, you’re sadly more likely to care about kids in ‘little jackets…coming up from behind’ than ‘mild millionaire mayors’.

19. Nas – NY state of mind

Have we really only put 2 rap records in here? Jesus.

18. NYC Peech Boys – Don’t make me wait (Larry Levan Mix)

A relatively slow beat and restrained piano give this 1981 classic an appealing lilt. The drums are also really cool.

17. Bob Dylan – Positively 4th Street

I couldn’t find this on youtube. Dylan must have some pretty hot-shot New York Lawyers, d’you think?. Presumably 4th street is also in New York. Triple points.

16. Ramones – 53rd and 3rd

53rd and 3rd is definitely in New York. Simon Webb actually went there and got a city banker to take a photo of him there.


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