Top 54 New York Tracks (15-11)

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15. Steve Reich – Music for 18 musicians

As our Glenn Branca interview attests Reich has an enormous influence outside of the classical world. Live, the piece has a key visual element: as the piece progresses and different textures come in and out of play the musicians movements are carefully choreographed to take them from instrument to instrument in time.

14. Wu Tang Clan – Da mystery of Chessboxin’

Oh, three. Cool. ODB’s verse is completely berserk.

13. Ronnettes – Be My Baby

Without wanting to sound like someone’s dad, this is probably one of the most perfect songs ever. In the studio version there’s an amazing part where Ronnie’s voice cracks on the line ‘So won’t you please’. I can barely imagine how much imaginative studio bullying it took Phil Spector to make that happen.  Unfortunately it’s not New York enough to make the top 12. What is? Read on and find out.

12. Suicide – Ché

Lyrically, it’s not about New York but its brooding slowed down synthesizers evoke somewhere much more urban than wherever Ché Guevara died.

11. Velvet Underground –  Heroin

Do people still take heroin in New York?


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