Top 54 New York Tracks (10-6)

Nearly there. Read the previous five here.

10. Pulsallama – Ungawa Pt. 2

No convenient youtube for this but ex-member Stacey kindly hosts a few mp3s on her site. Pulsallama were a 7 piece all-girl ensemble playing bass, drums and whatever else came to hand. They released tragically few records and inspired Bananarama to take the name they did. That’s all that most people know about them. The primal clatter of Ungawa Pt. 2 was one of about three songs that I loved and never heard out that made me want to learn to DJ. To this day however, I’ve still not quite worked out the best way of bringing this marvelous sonic mess into the club.

9. Double Exposure –  My Love is Free (Tom Moulton Mix)

As a label Salsoul is a bit too, well, huge, to ever get namedropped in the way that other lesser known disco labels are. They’re not exactly a secret and they did put out a fair few slabs of shit but they were also responsible for some true classics. The Tom Moulton mix of this record has enough peaks and troughs for a whole evening.

8. The Strokes – Soma

Not the best song on Is This It but still better than anything else on this list so far. Probably.

7. The Strokes – Laste Nite


The Strokes – Take it or leave it


The Strokes – NYC Cops (Live at Reading 2002 feat. Jack White)


The Strokes – Alone Together


The Strokes – Barely Legal

Honestly, we couldn’t possibly choose.

6. The Strokes – The Modern Age (Modern age EP version, obviously)


The Strokes – Hard to Explain


The Strokes – Trying your luck


The Strokes- Is this it


The Strokes – Someday

Picking our favourite ever Strokes song is probably as hard as picking our second favourite.


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