Top 54 New York Tracks (5-1)

Nearly there. Thanks to Graham, Jimmy, June, Dermot and Stuart Maconie for their help. Guys, we couldn’t have put things we like/remember in a numerical order without you. Everyone else, read the previous five here.

5. Peter Gordon and the Love of Life Orchestra – Beginning of the Heartbreak

Love of Life Orchestra alumni includes some pretty serious figures of the downtown scene. Somewhere along the line Rhys Chatam, Laurie Anderson, Arto Lindsay and David Byrne all, apparently – because I wasn’t actually there-, picked up a flute or took a sax solo. Yet this isn’t the challenging piece of NY Skronk that it threatens to be. In a perfect world this would be the happy birthday song and would play out of street loudspeakers on saturday mornings.

4. Lou Reed – Coney Island Baby

This song doesn’t really have anything to do with Coney Island or indeed New York. It is all about suburbia and a suburban past. The point is that even Lou Reed, a man who is New York-er than most, has a suburban past.

3. Ciccone Youth –  Into the Groov(ey)

Sonic Youth +  Madonna + sampling = triple New York points

2. Talking Heads – This must be the place (Naive Melody)

If you play this at a house party then everyone has to hug and go to bed immediately after it, no matter how early it is.

1. Television – Venus

Maybe this isn’t the best New York song or the ‘most’ New York song but it’s still pretty cool. Really everyone hopes that the best New York song is some old disco thing that they’re yet to find. Swing by tonight to see if we’ve thought of anything better.


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