Back In Business

Hi.  Sorry for the silence.  We’re back this Saturday.  And though it isn’t actually Halloween weekend we can assure you that it’s going to be more fear  than 42nd St before it was overtaken by Disney.  We can’t wait.  Here’s the complete low-down.



October Secret Danger

After a thoroughly packed out night last month for our New York special we’re back to (relative) normality this month with another night of ear candy for your pleasure.

This month John’s on warm-up duties. Expect the usual: bedroom favourites, weird shit, not-weird shit, and probably some entrance cava. Happy Hour runs until 10.30 so get down early to lubricate yourself for pittance.

Ollie will be taking you through to ende. Plenty of NYC business that he didn’t get to play last month, and a shipment from Japan arrived last week so expect to be weirded and blissed out in equal measure. Plus of course the usual Secret Danger standards rolled out in your honour.

All-in-all, expect a backbone of House, Disco and Techno fleshed out with whatever oddities, unclassics, classics, secret danger re-imaginings, and flavours of the month that we feel like.

Facebook event here

As ever, we are a discerning dancefloor for discerning people.  That means things like (but certainly not exclusive to) the following…


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