Gala Drop

“How’s he living? With all of that unforgiving See him on the dance floor go now Boy those moves I just don’t know how “ Gala Drop – Drop DROP (from Gala Drop) from Antonio Contador on Vimeo. Last summer I took my 17 year old brother and his girlfriend to Lisbon’s John Malkovich … Continue reading

Wise Words

Our friend urlaubshits dissects SD favourites Oni Ayhun and his performance at BleeD last month. “Dreijer is using machines and electronic tones to create a vision of the pastoral which can be seen as a rejection of modern life (though perversely, made with the tools of modern life”. The Excellent Pizza Quest hounds out hypocrisy … Continue reading

Dummy List

Head over to the Dummy blog for our latest chart. I’ve managed to locate most of them on youtube in case anyone wants to listen. Expect to hear at least some of these tracks on Saturday. E.M.A.K. – Ohne titel Games – Strawberry skies Anton Zap – Fascinated Jam City – Ecstasy Refix Underground Commitment … Continue reading

TE#5 Hype, Hype, Appleblim & Ramadanman

1. Kanye West – Monster (The Nicki Minaj bit) I’m not really in a position to comment on the new Kanye album having only heard it once, although this verse is pretty cool. Probably the only thing more demented than Nicki Minaj guesting with about 3 different voices is somebody making a mime-a-long youtube tribute. … Continue reading

Secret Danger Spotify Playlist 22/11/10

Click here for the link Chris & Cosey – October Love Song Stellar Om Source – Rites of Fusion Neu! – E -Musik Oppenheimer Analysis – Radiance Lubos Fiser – The Sermon Ivor Cutler – Beautiful Cosmos Deerhunter – Circulation David Bowie – Word on a Wing April Stevens – Teach me Tiger

Free music: Friends in cool places #2 (snoretex)

If you’re looking to whet your appetite for Allez Allez’s appearance at the Secret Danger Christmas Special on the 11th December you can sample the latest offerings of Sam Willis over at his soundcloud. Snoretex – Gygax by snoretex Snoretex – Strange Aeons by snoretex

Free music: Friends in cool places #1 (love distance)

Love Distance – Vice Mix If you’ve not already then head over to the vice blog for a mix by dustbowl era migrant musician Bobby Jewell aka Love Distance. When he’s not riding freight trains across America’s midwest he can be found dipping into his celebrated and influential repertoire of folk songs. I caught up … Continue reading

Whoa-oh-oh! Sweet Jane

Really obsessed with this at the moment. Especially the version (below) with the actual film dialogue over it. Really have no idea why. I’ve never even seen Natural Born Killers (this is on the soundtrack), and don’t really have much of an urge to either. Just quite like the Junkies’ take on it.


The video for new Teengirl Fantasy single ‘Dancing In Slow Motion’ fits in perfectly with the GIF-littered, internet circa 1995 vibes that they’ve been nurturing to great effect since 2009’s ‘Hollywood Hills’ EP. We would also like to remind you that this track features ACTUAL REAL PANPIPES. Just remember that while you’re thinking about how … Continue reading

Big Chillin’

I (that’s Ollie) am djing at Big Chill Bar tonight, 8pm – 1am. Looking forward to playing (amongst other things) the new Culoe De Song, load of Relief stuff, maybe the Rapture, definitely Julio Bashmore, the new Kim Ann Foxman, and Ravel (joking, I’m not bloody Carl Craig). Speeches from Michael Jackson’s funeral layered over … Continue reading

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