Big Chillin’

I (that’s Ollie) am djing at Big Chill Bar tonight, 8pm – 1am. Looking forward to playing (amongst other things) the new Culoe De Song, load of Relief stuff, maybe the Rapture, definitely Julio Bashmore, the new Kim Ann Foxman, and Ravel (joking, I’m not bloody Carl Craig). Speeches from Michael Jackson’s funeral layered over acid tracks as well. Seemed to go down a treat at the last Secret Danger. Only really listened to Robert Wyatt this week so I’ll see if I can slip some of that in somewhere. Always like a challenge.

Anyway pop down if you’re in the Brick Lane area – it’s free and I’ll probably need someone to jump behind the decks for 5 minutes or so while I go to the loo. Else I’ll be pissing into a cup like The Juan fuckin Maclean.


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