TE #6 (Discodeine feat. Jarvis Cocker, Levon Vincent & Jean Vigo)

Discodeine feat. Jarvis Cocker – Synchronize
Timed presumably to coincide with our Christmas “mum’s night off” extravaganza rather than next summer’s Pulp reunion, DFA released JC’s latest extra-curricular offering earlier this week. It’s not as good as Pulp or as good as a very good-to-good disco record but it still has a certain ephemeral charm. If anything it’s nice to know that Jarvis is making friends in Paris. The one time I saw him over there he seemed to be running some kind of crèche for pouting leather jacketed Parisian toddlers.

Jus Ed – I’m coming (Levon Vincent Remix)

On this remix Levon Vincent stays away from the brooding dubbed out sound he’s been pushing of late to embrace actual vocals and some pretty triumphant piano. This came out a few weeks ago but he’s playing tonight at Süd Electronic.

Jean Vigo – Zero de Conduite

I could watch this sequence all day. This 1933 film was apparently the inspiration for Lindsay Anderson’s If which climaxes with machine gunning on the roof of the school. Vigo’s film, in contrast, goes for a subtler display of visual and sonic rebellion, as this sequence of the student’s pillow fight and procession will testify. The film is slowed down and Maurice Jaubert’s score is played backwards.


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