TE# 9 The Dirtbombs, Chelsea Wolfe & Suicide

Sort of our pick of the week. In no particular order. 1. The Dirtbombs – Shari Vari The highlight of this intriguing covers package is not, as the press release suggests, their cover of ‘Good Life’ (no, that one sounds like a horrible mess) but the garage rock veterans’, admittedly pretty straight-down-the-line, treatment of A … Continue reading

Secret Danger Spotify Playlist # 14/01/11

As I thought that it might be a bit foolish putting this up on a Monday you can have it a few days earlier. In preparation for next Saturday’s Secret Danger we’ve put together a pretty raucous party soundtrack such as might be played at a pretty raucous party. I suppose the idea is that … Continue reading

TE# 8 Hype Williams, Elvis (via Clare Whyte) & Sandwell District

Hype Williams – Blue Dream Earworm alert. Like a modern day Ram the new Hype Williams long player truly is the gift that keeps on giving. I was pretty underwhelmed for the first 30 listens until I realised that I had actually listened to it 30 times. In a week. Elvis Presley – The girl … Continue reading

Forever Music

Photo credit: Pro Peregrine.

What The Future Sounded Like

Recently stumbled across this amazing 30 minute documentary about Electronic Music Studios, the pioneering synthesizer company which created what was pretty much the first portable commercially available synthesiser, the VCS3. Loads of musicians previously unable to afford synths the same cost (and size) of their houses were able to pick one of these up and … Continue reading


We can only manage an acronym. Like Bobby we’re all a bit sick of saying it. Hope you had fun celebrating the end of 2010, now lets get on with 2011. You might have noticed a distinct lack of posts here over the last month or so. Suffice to say a NYR is to update … Continue reading

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