We can only manage an acronym. Like Bobby we’re all a bit sick of saying it. Hope you had fun celebrating the end of 2010, now lets get on with 2011.

You might have noticed a distinct lack of posts here over the last month or so. Suffice to say a NYR is to update more often, though not to the detriment of the quality of the blog. It’s not like we’d just post up a constant stream of internet guff…

So we’ll get on with sweeping away the tumbleweed from our little corner of the internet. The first Secret Danger of 2011 is on January 22nd, and then the 4th Saturday of every month from then on.

Stay tuned.

Ollie & John.

One Response to “HNY, L, SD”
  1. gazzaspezza says:

    I wish Bobby had said Happy New Year to people rather locking them in the toilet.

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