TE# 8 Hype Williams, Elvis (via Clare Whyte) & Sandwell District

Hype Williams – Blue Dream

Earworm alert. Like a modern day Ram the new Hype Williams long player truly is the gift that keeps on giving. I was pretty underwhelmed for the first 30 listens until I realised that I had actually listened to it 30 times. In a week.

Elvis Presley – The girl of my Best Friend

Tucked away in the 2nd half of The Green Door Kid’s Muzikal Youth LP, after the ESG and Stooges covers, is a completely arresting version of this Elvis song by Clare Whyte. Sultrier and more atmospheric than the original, It’s definitely worth checking out.

Sandwell District – Speed + Sound

This, the closing track on Sandwell District’s stellar LP, proves that the group’s aesthetic isn’t all about ice cold austerity. After three and a half sides of the machines furiously humping away, the factory doors are flung open to shimmering half-heard samples of outside life. This Krauty number will be soundtracking every move that David Attenborough makes this year. Mark my words.


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