Gainsbourg is dead

On this day twenty years ago Serge Gainsbourg died of a heart attack. If I’d have realised I might played something by him last Saturday. As compensation, here are some of his finest moments.

Machins choses

Taking the french equivalent of words like ‘thingamajig’, ‘thingy’ and ‘something’ -words that signify nothing precisely- Gainsbourg crafts a snail-paced lounge number about the inexpressible.

Dents de lait, Dents de loup (with France Gall)

Have you ever wondered why so many bands can sound like Gainsbourg and still sound so British? We could perhaps trace the first muddying of the waters back to this early 60s flirtation with British Beat music.

La Javanaise

Better known than the other two but the video, filming a young camera-shy Gainsbourg in relentless close-up, is still worth watching. That awkwardness…Those ears….


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