Bad Mind

The people who rip stuff onto youtube have FINALLY forgotten about the new Burial tunes long enough to get around to putting up the new Hype Williams track which Kode9 debuted on Benji B’s show last week. This will be on an EP this Spring on Hyperdub featuring 3 other tracks, one of which you … Continue reading

String Theory Older Or Younger Than Sarah Jessica Parker “Parlour games are usually competitive, but cumulative scores are not usually kept and the only reward for winning a round is the admiration of one’s peers. The length and ending time of the game is typically not set; play continues until the players decide to end the … Continue reading

Panda Bear – Surfer’s Hymn (Actress Remix)

The best thing that Kompakt have put out for a while. Phillip (Preacher Man) Sherburne tweeted that there’s a longer version doing the rounds. I’d be interested to hear it as this is over far too quickly.

Bob Le Flambeur

It’s just good, that’s all.

The Idiots Are Winning; Or, Are We Actually The Ones Who Are Idiots?

There’s a new Adidas advert doing the rounds directed by the same guy who made that MIA video where loads of people with red hair get rounded up and shot/blownup/kicked in the face (you’ll have to be over 18 to click on that link, or take a look when your mum nips out to the … Continue reading

Thanks to everyone who came down

The next one will be the 23rd April.

TE# 12 Slim Whitman, Ripple & Factory Floor

A day late, A buck short, I’m writing, The report A bit late this week as the sun has been out and I’ve been riding my new hog around the highways and byways of Bethnal Green. Slim Whitman – Rose Marie I love this song. I love that Slim is melting in the video. Ripple … Continue reading

Hype Williams was last night

Were YOU there?


(November 5, 1946 – March 21, 2011)


The new Low LP is really good. It’s called C’mon and it’s their first since 2007’s Drums & Guns. Low are number 3 on my most listened artists chart on They’re good for Sundays, they’re good for just got in from club and can’t sleep situations, they’re a good alternative to Wham, Slade & … Continue reading

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