Optimogeddon #Highly reccommended

Cruising the internet in a bored Saturday afternoon funk ahead of tonight’s 8-hour Optimo extravaganza at Warm, I came across an interesting post on the optimo echatio forum. Nearly a year after the hype of Optimogeddon – the final night of the esteemed DJ duo’s long-running Glasgow night – someone has taken the time to order the 6+ hour recording of the night into separate labeled tracks. Basically, what was once 6 lumps of raw fanboy ore has been filtered into the kind of easy-to-reference, easy-to-skip gold normally reserved for commercial mix cds. As far as I can tell the labeling is accurate, the recording plays without glitches and tracks segue into each other without gaps (at least on itunes). It can be found here. We will also send the rar. files to whoever wants them. Thanks to whoever is responsible.

Admittedly, the casual reader of this blog might think it a bit much to download and sift through a 6 hour bootlegged mix. In that case, may I recommend listening to the first hour and then maybe only sampling the energy of the set a bit later on. What one imagines to have been a packed subclub from the beginning are treated to an opening salvo of tracks by Einstürzende Neubauten, Angelo Badalamenti, Suicide and The Residents that set a definite funereal tone. While the white-hot peak time section of the mix is obviously interesting as a master class in how to stitch together most of the significant tracks in the club (and dance music)’s history into a coherent whole, it’s this opening part that I find myself returning to. Obviously the tone of the tracks at that particular point in the evening is apt – the ‘last ever’ of anything is sad to a degree – but it’s also interesting as an alternative way of soundtracking the early moments of any night. I always think that as much as possible when playing early on, to people who have no intention of dancing, a DJ should resist simply playing a watered down version of what’s to come later. If house and techno form the main part of the night, then the early part of a set should see a DJ reaching for something different in texture and tone rather than just the records that have been demoted from the intense few hours where people may actually dance. This seems like a no-brainer but it doesn’t always happen for various reasons other than lack of imagination. Obviously there’s more than one way to do this: tracks still in the house and techno idiom but pushed to a point of abstraction or a geneological exploration of a current trend are more welcome than the slow thump of the DJ treading water but what i personally like are sad sad songs.

For those who want to listen to some of the saddest around, here’s the link again.


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