TE# 10 | Peaking Lights – Tyler, The Creator – The Gospel According To Budgie – Blawan – Billy Crystal

Things we like at the moment. If you’re wondering what we’re thinking about then see above. How weird is his hair? Can you imagine having to touch it? Food for thought…

1. Peaking Lights – All The Sun That Shines

While I tend to take note of most things that end up on the Boomkat ‘recommended’ section, this LP from Wisconsin’s Peaking Lights on Not Not Fun has remained on repeat far longer than most. If I smoked weed I would probably sit around the house listening to this all day long planning a trip to India that would never come to fruition.

2. Tyler, The Creator – Yonkers

Tyler is the founder of and driving force behind LA’s Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill ’em All (or OFWGKA). Check out their tumblr, loads of free mix tapes. Yonkers is Tyler’s new single. The video features him throwing up loads and eating bugs. Cool…

3. The Gospel According To Budgie.

Can’t find a single youtube link to any of the tracks featured in this mix, but that’s OK because it’s freely available for download here. It’s been put together by Budgie of Honest Jons records. File alongside Optimo’s Godcast from a few years back.

4. Blawan – Getting Me Down

I stumbled across this yesterday afternoon (thanks, Ben UFO). As it happens I was in that post-heavy-night state (thanks, Optimo) which usually means I can’t listen to anything beyond the thinnest, blandest ambient. Or Comes A Time by Neil Young. However this new offering from Blawan cut right through the shaking and self-medicating. The sound of teenagers ripping stuff off youtube.


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