TE# 12 Slim Whitman, Ripple & Factory Floor

A day late,
A buck short,
I’m writing,
The report

A bit late this week as the sun has been out and I’ve been riding my new hog around the highways and byways of Bethnal Green.

Slim Whitman – Rose Marie

I love this song. I love that Slim is melting in the video.

Ripple – The Beat goes on

I rediscovered this the other day when going through some Salsoul compilations after Loleatta Holloway died. The bassline is almost a parody of disco, the refrain means absolutely nothing at all and the strings are Salsoul by numbers, and yet it all somehow comes together. Precisely, it all comes together at 3.28 for the epic break-cum-drum solo.

Factory Floor

It’s hard to believe that this is the same band behind 2008’s unexceptional ‘Bipolar’. Anyone who as at last night’s late-night set at Dollop will know that the Joy Division-isms of old have long been traded in for extended four-to-the-floor techno workouts. Compare the recent ’16-16-9-20-1-14-9-7′ to Dettmann and Klock’s 2007 classic ‘Blank Scenario’ in the boomkat link below to for an idea of their shift in direction.

Read full review of Scenario – MARCEL DETTMANN & BEN KLOCK on Boomkat.com ©

But there’s more. Amidst their pounding Tresor paced sound is a sense of real warmth, perhaps best evidenced by the vocal on their newest single ‘R E A L L O V E’. Unfortuately I don’t think there’s a full version to be sampled anywhere on the internet but the JD Twitch remix below stays close enough to the script to give you an idea. If you think you can hear something Moroder-esque in there (particularly the percussion) it’s probably not an accident. A highlight of last night was their surprise (for me at least) live re-working of ‘I Feel Love’, a loop of Summer’s iconic cooing barely perceptible in the mix for minutes before the drop.

Spandau Ballet – Gold

Plus one extra this week. This one is dedicated to Flaccidtrax AKA Stringer Ben AKA Historical Research’s Leading Light. Congratulations big man.

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  1. […] were big fans of, (R E A L L O V E), the last Factory Floor single on Optimo Music. Over the last few months the original mix has probably been my number 1 […]

  2. […] were big fans of (R E A L L O V E), the last Factory Floor single on Optimo Music. Over the last few months the original mix has probably been my number 1 […]

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