The Idiots Are Winning; Or, Are We Actually The Ones Who Are Idiots?

There’s a new Adidas advert doing the rounds directed by the same guy who made that MIA video where loads of people with red hair get rounded up and shot/blownup/kicked in the face (you’ll have to be over 18 to click on that link, or take a look when your mum nips out to the shops).  Romain Gavras is clearly a man who knows something about edgy, brave, bold artistic statements.  Some might say he’s actual real-life genius.  So when he was called upon to make said advert he naturally called up his buddies Justice to provide the soundtrack.  They’re edgy, they’re cool.  The end result is ‘Civilization’, their first release since 2009’s Tthhee Ppaarrttyy (actual correct spelling) and the first track since their debut LP in 2007.  Now while we haven’t been incessantly checking illegal torrent sites for new material from the leathered one and the ugly one, we were intrigued to hear what this sounded like, and you too can now listen via that soundcloud player below.

What do you think?  Here’s what two people on the internet think…

‘datruedanktank’:  “So Sick !!!!!!”

MrJasonLB: “Why is it so sOFT?!?!?!?! i NEED TO BLAST iT iNTO MY EARZZ!! D:”

Someone else has posed the question, “Come on Justice, where’s the wobble”.

On the whole it’s probably not the worst thing ever, but I’m probably never going to listen to it again. Also the fact of the matter is this isn’t the most ear-bleeding-bad-ass-bat-shit-mental shit out there. This sounds like someone doing a fart into an industrial fan on a battleship during a violent storm.

4 or 5 years ago we used to have this sort of thing sitting snugly on Ableton next to Do It To The Max by Raw Silk and I Feel Love. Anything went in those days. Now we think we’re ‘cool’ playing all our factmag/boomkat/phonica approved vinyl to half-empty clubs while our contemporaries who have stuck to their guns play tracks like this to thousands of people for millions of pounds.

In light of this we would like to point out that Secret Danger DJs ARE available for 2005-2007 mental-as-fuck-electro-wobble-bass sets. Please email us if interested.


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