TE# 13 (BBQ Jamz Special)

Some music sounds better when you’re burning meat to it. Some doesn’t. Here are our suggestions.


Waiting for people to turn up.

Chances are you’re alone and building a fire, in which case some cowboy songs might be appropriate.

If there’s more of you and you need something more conspiratorial as you discuss marinades, then maybe try this (now with added cultural weight).


Vegetable Kebab time.

Or, as I assume you’re doing this in daylight…and as daylight is something they have in Brazil….


The first of the burgers.

Anything that isn’t the Smiths is ok.


What charcoal heads call ‘the zone’.

“Four or five hours into the BBQ, if he’s done his job well, Dettmann finds himself in a state of grilled nirvana. Meat selections happen practically on their own; he just flips through the fridge, and within moments the perfect cut is right there looking back at him. “I don’t have to think, it’s just, ‘This one. OK. Let’s go.'” He sighs a plume of smoke as he pictures the scene, and a look of supreme contentedness falls across his face. “It’s amazing.”

Barbecutie par excellence Marcel Dettmann in a 2009 interview.

Don’t think. Just Grill.


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