TE# 15 New Hype Williams, Deadboy, Neil Young

Hype Williams – Pumplex/S.E.A.L. IV Too brand new for me to take the plunge and have an actual opinion about, this 25 minute long ‘stars on 45’ style medley from Hype Williams seems like business as usual. Only this time the cannabis iconography is a more prominent textual concern than on other releases. I wonder … Continue reading

Second Chapter Mix: ‘Disco, Techno and “Other”

You may have heard Ollie’s excellent recent mix on the Secret Danger SoundCloud. As with that mix Ollie explores various strains of house, I thought that I would throw together a quick mix to try and touch on the other cornerstones of Secret Danger: namely ‘Disco, Techno and what we vaguely title ‘Other’. I’ll put … Continue reading

TE #14 (Tropic of Cancer, Klaus Schulze, Blawan)

Due to a short absence this is going to be more a round up of highlights from recent weeks than the last week. Go listen to boomkat samples the second they get uploaded if you prefer life at the bleeding edge. Tropic of Cancer – The Sorrow of Two Blooms EP We were big fans … Continue reading

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