TE# 15 New Hype Williams, Deadboy, Neil Young

Hype Williams – Pumplex/S.E.A.L. IV

Too brand new for me to take the plunge and have an actual opinion about, this 25 minute long ‘stars on 45’ style medley from Hype Williams seems like business as usual. Only this time the cannabis iconography is a more prominent textual concern than on other releases. I wonder what they’re doing for the bank holiday weekend.

EDIT: oh no. It’s been taken down

Deadboy – Here

More chopped up garagey vocals in the vein of Jacques Green, XXXY or some Todd guy. Let’s try not to think how old this is going to sound in 6 months time and instead think about Ollie doing eighteen rewinds of it on Saturday Night.

Neil Young – Computer Age

On Saturday, before Ollie does take over, I’ll be joined on the warm up by my good friend Jesse Robert W from Pacific UV (check ’em out, they got a 7.9). We will no doubt be playing stuff like this.

3 Responses to “TE# 15 New Hype Williams, Deadboy, Neil Young”
  1. Harry says:

    Hey did do you manage to download that Hype WIlliams track before it was taken down? I have all the others shes put on there recently and really want to hear it, i’ll post all the others.

  2. I have found a download. If you still want it email me johnek.bloomfield@btinternet.com

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