Jess Robert W’s Secret Danger Playlist (28/5/2011)

Last Saturday we had Mr 7.9 himself down to DJ for us. This is what he played. We were going B2B in a pretty heated session. So heated that I can’t actually remember what I played. This then, is a list of all the even numbered tracks of the evening.

Freak Style – “Electric Boogie”

Dazz Band – “Joystick”

Bruce Haack – “Electric to Me”

Blackbird Blackbird – “Little Respect”

Fur – “Haunted”

Trans Am – “First Words”

Working for a Nuclear Free City – “Dead Fingers Walking”

Sparks – “Music You can Dance to”

Copy – “Fist”

Joël Fajerman – “La Grande Traversée”

Strange Holiday – “Trading Lies”

Barry & the Remains – “Why do I Cry?”

Le Fleur de Lys – “Circles”

pacificUV – “Ballerina”

Os Mutantes – “A Minha Menina”

Wire – “In Vivo”

The 77s – “Ba Ba Ba Ba”

Michel Sardou – “Une Drôle De Danse”


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