The next Secret Danger will be on the 15th of October. I held back a few of those CDs so let me know if you want one. Advertisements

Mix CD: Secret Danger GEAR 0001

At tonight’s Secret Danger we will be launching an irregular new mix series. 0001 will be the first installment in a series that hopes to showcase the work of interesting new illustrators and provide an example of the Secret Danger sound. Kingston Fine Art Graduate Kyle Gregg was kind enough to design the incredibly detailed … Continue reading

TE#18: Dinosaur Special (Voltage Control, Pylon, Was Not Was)

Been thinking about dinosaurs a lot lately. Voltage Control – Jack Hallucinates (1990) Less harsh than the A-side. Think of it as the brontosaurus of EBM. Pylon – K (1983) Doubly relevant this one, as fellow Atlantan dinosaurs REM (arf arf) retired this week. Was Not Was – Dinosaur (Live on Jools Holland) I wish … Continue reading


The new Mosca 12” is out on Numbers today. Done Me Wrong – the brilliant A-side – features a bit around the 3 minute mark which features a cut-up Garage vocal that sounds remarkably like scat singing. Mosca’s THAT good a producer. John had a conversation with him about it but it didn’t get very … Continue reading

Resident Advisor Chart – September

The gits at wordpress don’t like flash, so I can’t embed this properly. So here’s a screengrab, you can click here to check it out properly.

Secret Danger $eptember $pecial

Get involved ——————- Super Limited ————————- ——————–For one night only———————– —————-$$$$$$ Don’t Sleep $$$$$$—————— That’s right. For one night only we will be playing the Moustache Bar on the evening of the 24th of September. Due to the unforgivingly unidirectional march of time, this date will not be repeated. Expect to hear:- Ear pleasing ephemera … Continue reading

Mixes On The Internet & Mixes On Real CDs That You Can Buy

It’s been a pretty fertile month or so for mixes. Here’s a round up of the ones that we’ve had on rotation. 1. Four Tet – FABRICLIVE.59 Probably the best contribution to either of the fabric mix series since ‘Fabric 45 (2009)’ by Omar-S and ‘Fabric 36 (2007)’ by Ricardo Willawobos, this is just as … Continue reading

Best thing on the internet: Ital’s mix for LWE (17th September)

Apologies if you have already read this week’s internet. This new rubric is intended as a safety net for those who have not. Aimed squarely at those who might have needed their fingers for work, and so taken them off the pulse for a moment, it’s also a chance for us to point you in … Continue reading

TE# 17: Juk Juk, Octo Octa, Shed

Haven’t done one of these in a while, for reasons explained in the previous post. With Secret Danger next week I thought I’d pick some clubbier tracks than usual. Juk Juk – Winter Turn Spring All four tracks from the two new TEXT releases out this week are brilliant. Because the Four Tet 12 is … Continue reading

Dissertation Trax

The sharp eyed amongst you may have noticed our absence over the past few months. Sorry about that. As the internet didn’t seem in pressing need of any more words and my dissertation did, I focused on that. I don’t know what Ollie was doing. Maybe working on some original material? Anyway, my summer listening … Continue reading

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