GEAR 0001 Digital Edition & Tracklist

Last September we gave out 40 or so handmade CDs to launch the GEAR mix series. Despite heavily implying that the mix would be limited to the CDs we gave out, we decided to put it up on soundcloud. If you haven’t heard it yet then listen here. The idea was to make a mix … Continue reading

TE 19# Factory Floor, Maria Minerva, Ecstasy Boys

As we have just announced our Christmas Special this post is going to be aimed squarely at the floor. Basically, this is what you will hear on December 17th unless someone writes and releases a better 8 hours of music in the next month. Factory Floor – Two Different Ways We were big fans of … Continue reading

Transmissions #1

Since October Ollie has been co-presenting the Warm radio show on NTS Live every other Friday.  If you’re not familiar with NTS then it’s a relatively new independent radio station which broadcasts from 9am to around 3am live from Gillett Square in Hackney.  The programming is always eclectic, featuring more dance based shows such as Warm’s … Continue reading

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