TE 19# Factory Floor, Maria Minerva, Ecstasy Boys

As we have just announced our Christmas Special this post is going to be aimed squarely at the floor. Basically, this is what you will hear on December 17th unless someone writes and releases a better 8 hours of music in the next month.

Factory Floor – Two Different Ways

We were big fans of (R E A L L O V E), the last Factory Floor single on Optimo Music. Over the last few months the original mix has probably been my number 1 choice for clearing the M bar dancefloor. When they played the Dollop warehouse party a few months ago they stuck to those high tresor bpms for most of the evening, pounding out one of the most techno sets that I’ve heard all year. For their new single on DFA they’ve slowed things down to a less brutal 130bpm. The big softies. Some cowbell also seems to have rubbed off in the DFA pressing plant.

Maria Minerva – Luv So Strong

MM is another of our favourite artists of the last 12 or so months and another example of someone making intriguing dance-not-dance music. Noble Savage always seemed to go down pretty well, so we have nothing but high hopes for this one with its cunning use of drums that you can actually hear.

Ecstasy Boys – Seven Steps to Heaven

People from all walks of life,

Coming together,

Smoking Indoors,





Candlestick Makers,

E8 Creatives,

E2 Creatives,


People who used to be students,

Maybe some French People,

Listening to some nice flute-led house music.


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