GEAR 0001 Digital Edition & Tracklist

Last September we gave out 40 or so handmade CDs to launch the GEAR mix series. Despite heavily implying that the mix would be limited to the CDs we gave out, we decided to put it up on soundcloud. If you haven’t heard it yet then listen here.

The idea was to make a mix that you might listen to if you weren’t coming out to Secret Danger. So more than home-listening it’s home-on-saturday-night-alone-listening. I also wanted to experiment with mixing in key. This isn’t really something I do when I play out – If you’ve seen me DJ you’ll know that I barely believe in beatmatching before mixing a record in–but I wanted to try it here.  Rather than thinking about the effect it would have on two tracks played together I wanted to know what it would do to two tracks played in sequence. Anyway, it’s got some bits taken from films, some tracks by the biggest bands of the 60s and, in the Gruen piece, one of my all-time favourite film scores.

E.M.A.K. – À L’Horizon

Beach Boys – Let’s Go Away For a While

AC Marias – Looks Like

Young Marble Giants – The Taxi

Motion Sickness of Time Travel – Absolute Pigment

The Velvet Underground – The Murder Mystery

H(s)dC 2b (1998) (extract)

Ivor Cutler – I Worn My Elbows

Young Marble Giants – N.I.T.A

Ash Ra Tempel/Manuel Göttsching – Quarasphere

Scott Walker – I Will Wait For You

Julia Holter – The Falling Age/ ‘Sans Soleil (1983)’ (extract)

John Gruen – Score for ‘The Mechanics of Love 1955’

It’s probably worth mentioning that the very talented Kyle Gregg who designed the sleeve above is working on a new poster for our Christmas Special on the 17th December. I promise not to play any of the above music.


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