The new Mosca 12” is out on Numbers today. Done Me Wrong – the brilliant A-side – features a bit around the 3 minute mark which features a cut-up Garage vocal that sounds remarkably like scat singing. Mosca’s THAT good a producer. John had a conversation with him about it but it didn’t get very far, partly I think because they were both referring to the B-side, Bax.

It really is fantastic though. And it’s a testament to it’s addictiveness that I’m still going to play it out in the coming weeks despite almost rinsing it completely through first youtube clips, then the promo. Grab it at Rub A Dub now (feels kinda nice to order it from there, Jackmaster having worked there and all, more pennies in their pocket now they’ve lost an employee to world-wide-touring-DJ fame).


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