Transmissions #1

Since October Ollie has been co-presenting the Warm radio show on NTS Live every other Friday.  If you’re not familiar with NTS then it’s a relatively new independent radio station which broadcasts from 9am to around 3am live from Gillett Square in Hackney.  The programming is always eclectic, featuring more dance based shows such as Warm’s alongside discussion programmes, dubstep, roots music, noise, drone, and much else besides.  Good starting points for the unfamiliar would be The BPM Breakfast (presented by Tristan BPM, the man behind the  phenomenon that is Boiler Room), Dan Beaumont & Nadia Ksabia’s Rhythm Connection (which has recently featured a mix from JD Twitch and interviews with MK and Chic), and the monthly Sounds Of… show presented by Ele Beattie & Ruth Saxelby.  And the Warm show’s alright as well!  In the first part of a new regular feature here he’s going to pick out a couple of the tracks he played on each show and say a bit more about them than he did on air (let’s just say he’s no Chris Moyles when it comes to on-air chat). Here are some of the tracks he played on the first show. You can download the whole thing at the bottom of the post…


Ollie: This just had to be my first contribution to our first show. I brought it along because I thought me and Ali were going to hotbox the studio and broadcast this one track interspersed with harmonica jams, like the show Dean Blunt did in Amsterdam recently. Alas it didn’t turn out like that but you’re not allowed to be on the radio in 2011 without playing Dean ‘n’ Inga anyway, so there you have it.

Ollie: This was released on Clone, which is a totally amazing Dutch label. That’s a tenuous link if ever I saw one. But that’s what we do on this show, we connect the dots!

Ollie: I had heard Dan & Nadia play this on their show a couple of weeks before and thought I’d copy them. It’s probably one of the greatest house tracks ever made so I don’t think it matters. Optimo played for 8 hours in Peckham last week and if I had to collate all of the songs they played into some sort of ‘goodness’ pie chart this would represent 76%.


Download the whole of this radio show right here:

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